8/6/07 Several new and exciting things

Posted by Shule Shule
First of all, the Manchester Hymnal has articles with lyrics for all of the hymns it had in 1840.

Some people added lists of hymns for various hymnals (Deseret Sunday School Songs, 1909 and the current LDS hymnal in Spanish).  Haruo has done lots of nice work.  I've added a little more sheet music.

And . . .

We now have HymnWiki search plugins for Firefox!
Go to the following URL:

and search for HymnWiki.  The one that says Go will take you directly to an article if you type in its name.  The one that says search brings up search results every time.  The one that says Forums is for the HymnWiki Nabble forums.

Though it's had it for a while, probably, I recommend adding the Cyberhymnal's plugin from there, too (or anything else helpful).

Now that that's over with, I still need to type up the Nauvoo Hymnal (I've done a small portion of it).

I found someone else with a site dedicated to preserving LDS hymns (though that's not all HymnWiki is dedicated to preserving).  It's called the Lost Hymns Project.  There's some interesting stuff there.

As a side note, I noticed that the Nauvoo Hymnal has Amazing Grace in it.  Some people kept telling me that Amazing Grace was in an old LDS hymnal, but I never believed them; it's true (no. 118), but they didn't have the seventh verse people sometimes use today.  I wonder if there was a future edition with it and music (maybe the Psalmody? I could check that out).

I should also note that the meters are listed for all the songs in the Manchester Hymnal.