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Sorry for taking so long to post!

HymnWiki is still alive and well. I've just been preoccupied with other things for a long time.

Anyway, I'm hoping three new MediaWiki extensions will be approved and installed for HymnWiki (I don't control that, myself), but until then, I better not tell you what they are.

For now, you should know that we now have an official HymnWiki IRC chat, registered with If the server changes, I'll let you know, but AlphaChat seems pretty nice, so far. They even let you block bad words (and this is set up on HymnWiki's chat). I plan to be on often, logged in as Shule or some such. It's me if you see an exclamation mark in front of my name. That means I'm the founder of the chat. Let me know if you want to have special powers in the chat. :)

If you see me on there, just type my name and press enter. Then, my Kindle Fire should beep to alert me. If I'm not on, just email me and we can schedule a chat.

There aren't a lot of hymn chats on the Internet—so, considering how this will show up well in the Google searches, I'm thinking we might actually get a following here, and more publicity for HymnWiki.

Here's a link to the HymnWiki chat page, which links to the web chat for those who don't want to worry about servers:

Here's the direct link to the web chat:

Here's the IRC information if you want to use mIRC, AndChat or some IRC client like that:
Channel: #hymnwiki
Server: ( is for North American servers)
Port: Just use the default, unless you want SSL/TLS—then use port 7777.

For more port and server information, try this link (scroll up afterward):

Chat Rules:
* There aren't a lot, actually. Just keep it clean, and remember the primary topic is hymns and such as can be posted on HymnWiki (anthems, carols, children's songs, patriotic songs, Christmas songs, etc.) If you talk about something else, I have no intention to ban you, as long as you're not vulger, overly annoying, a nonhuman or overly persistent. You're free to advertise other clean chats, even about hymns, if you want. AlphaChat doesn't allow users under the age of 13. So, if you're too young, sorry about that! Nothing against you. Rules are rules. Chat rooms can be dangerous. So, be warned, and be responsible.

If you want to register a nickname (or a nick), choose your nick. You can change it by typing /nick yourNewNick. Then type /msg nickserv register yourPassword yourEmail. You may have to click a confirm link in your email. Then type /msg nickserv set enforce on. That will ensure that people can log on for long with your nick without their name automatically changing. Then type /msg HostServ take $ to cloak your IP address and make it so we can tell it really is you instead of someone impersonating you for a few seconds. Adding additional nicks to your profile is easier than setting up the first one. Just type /nick yourNick to choose a new one (while logged in with your registered account) and then type /msg NickServ group. It will add your current nick to your account. /msg NickServ ungroup will remove it. You can use it just like your registered one after that—they're all in the same group.

How was your chat experience?
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I figured it was about time to give everyone an update on what's been going on lately.

You may have noticed that there are scanned copies of most of the older LDS hymnals, now—probably all of the well-known ones (as well as several lesser-known ones). Thank at least Google Books and for that, as well as whomever they get their books from. They're doing a great job. Anyway, it's really nice having them.

We've discovered that the 1927 LDS hymnal has not had its copyright renewed. That's great news for us—more public domain content that we can use. I plan to engrave lots of sheet music from it eventually. Also, it's quite possible that we may find other post-1922 LDS books of music and/or verse that have not had their copyrights renewed (ones old enough to need it, I mean).

You may have also noticed an abundance of Swedish sheet music appearing (as well as early Relief Society songs). Expect to see more Swedish stuff for a long time. Right now, I'm working mostly with non-LDS Swedish materials. I plan to do LDS ones eventually, but there are scanned copies for the ones of those I know about online already (so it's not quite as urgent). The Swedish hymnals I'm using aren't scanned online, yet. I like them because they have lots of hymns (including some pretty nice tunes) by Swedish composers, and I would think some of them have not yet been translated into English. There are a variety of unusual poetic meters, but every verse tends to follow the same meter, which is good.

Jubelklangen, 1896 seems to be quite the valuable resource. It has loads of hymns that I haven't seen available anywhere else—but guess what? I actually found and ordered a copy of Cymbalen (the 1888 edition, and not the 1885 one), by one of the same people (Johannes Alfred Hultman). This should likewise prove valuable. If I ever get a scanner I'll probably scan both of these books (I want people to be able to see exactly how things were, seeing as I edit out errors and such, and change some of the formatting, often, and it's good to be able to see for sure if I made any typos). I also got a couple other old Swedish hymnals: Herde rösten, 1892 and Hemlands Klockan, 1900.

We have a few new registered users who seem to have some interesting projects in store. That's good to know about.
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Expect to see a lot more Swedish sheet music, midis and lyrics on HymnWiki in the days to come. You'll notice I've been adding a bit here and there recently.

Anyway, I'm not currently a fluent speaker of the Swedish language—so, if you are, I could use your help. Some of the hymnals I'm engraving from don't have dashes between all the syllables. I want dashes in (and it's easier to engrave and to read that way). So, I still have to put in the dashes somewhere. This can be difficult when there are more than two consonants in a row, and in certain other situations. I've just been making my best guess as to dividing points. So, if you help me out, I would be grateful.
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I have long been searching for a copy of this song book (and I was prepared to pay more for it than any other hymnal on my list). However, I found a link to a scanned copy online—so that will no longer be necessary! :) I just want the content—not an old book to stow on a shelf (however nice that might be).

This, I believe, is the first official LDS song book containing music (many believe that Latter-day Saints Psalmody, 1889 was, but clearly 1884 is before 1889; I think some just don't realize this one contains music, or else they don't think the church is represented by the Sunday School Union that existed then—or maybe it's because it's a song book and not a 'hymnal' by everyone's decree). There is at least one unofficial one published earlier (1844), although it didn't have many songs and the music only had two parts (soprano and bass, it seemed).
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I've been meaning to bare witness to the things I know to be true for some time. This relates to HymnWiki in that it relates to some of the reasons that we write and sing hymns.

First and foremost, I know that God lives and loves us profoundly—more than we know. I know that it is important to have faith in his love for us. I know that our heavenly father wants us to learn, live, progress and become like him. I know that God has placed us into families, and despite our conditions here, in the end we may live happily with our families forever—families can be together forever, as the song goes.

I know that singing hymns brings us closer to God, if we let it. I know it invites his spirit and makes our lives and environments more enjoyable. I know that hymns may stir great things within our souls, and that 'the song of the righteous is a prayer unto the Lord' as Doctrine and Covenants section 25 says.

I know that Jesus Christ is the son of God and the savior of the world. I know that we must put our trust in him, and our faith, for it is only in and through him that we are saved. Faith is more than believing in God's existence. If you believe in someone, it is more than believing they exist—it is also believing they can and will do what they determine to do. I know that Jesus Christ has suffered and atoned for our sins, transgressions and misdeeds—he has provided a way for us to be forgiven and cleansed. I know that he and our heavenly father want us to repent and live like him. I know that there is great joy to be found in living the gospel—more especially if we desire happiness and pray for it.

I know that the Bible as the prophets wrote it is true. I know that it testifies of Jesus Christ and his dealings with the Jews, both before and after his birth.

As a Latter-day Saint, there is more I would share. The Book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ—another witness that he is our savior and redeemer. It is an ancient record of a remnant of the house of Israel separated from Jerusalem (lead out by God himself), kept by holy prophets who testified of Jesus and waited upon his resurrection, whereafter he appeared to them also and showed forth many miracles. I know that miracles happen today, and can happen more with our belief—that the gifts of the spirit are true and still exist today. I know that Joseph Smith translated The Book of Mormon into English.

I know that Joseph Smith is a true prophet of God. I speak of Joseph Smith because he was the prophet by which Jesus Christ restored his church after the falling away (the apostasy) wherein the authority to act in His name was lost through the executions of the apostles (with the exception of maybe John who was to tarry, although he was outcast to an island and was not generally heard of after that—let alone in a manner to lead the church) and the persecution of the early saints. Through Joseph Smith, the Church of Jesus Christ was restored to the Earth. The authority to baptize and perform other saving ordinances was restored—and it exists today. I know there are apostles, today—there are prophets, today, who lead and direct Christ's church. I know that God lives, today. I know that Jesus Christ was resurrected and that one day we will all be resurrected. If we are faithful, we can be saved and live with our heavenly father and all the righteous. I know that there are yet many great things in store for us all.

For more information about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, please visit

I know that knowledge is spiritually discerned, and that our realization of it comes from God. This is whereby I know these things, although some I know I have witnessed in more practical terms (such as miracles and answers to prayers).

I know that our heavenly father wants us to share these things with others. That is another reason why I post this here—pray about these things, and ask God if they are true. Listen for his spirit, and feel for its fruits (love, joy, peace, meekness, gentleness, patience, longsuffering and so forth). Show faith, and he will answer with his spirit.

And I close in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.
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One of the reasons I wanted to start a wiki for hymns was to make it easy to search for hymns by poetic meter. My vision of an enormous database of hymns for every meter is coming closer to fruition.

I really need to upload the sheet music for those hymns I've done recently—from the 1919 Relief Society Song Book. However, I'm thinking I should start working on developing the poetic meters further. If we could get volunteers willing to do just that, it would be great. Of course, volunteers do need to cite their sources, and learn the format for poetic meters used at HymnWiki.
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I've found a public domain version of this book (1919).

I'm planning to notate the whole thing with Lilypond and put it up on HymnWiki as I go. I already have about 12 songs so far (but I haven't put them up, yet).
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Today, I got rid of and transported the official HymnWiki blog to

Nabble has a lot of conveniences, and I can attach the blog to our already existing forum.

Anyway, sorry everyone for that time a while back when HymnWiki was down. Things should be fine now.
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I haven't done much on HymnWiki in a while, but not without cause: I've been going through some computer changes (i.e. switching over to Linux, getting new hardware, doing it again, and such).  I'm still doing it.  Anyway, once my hard drive arrives, I get my computer put together, and the OS installed properly so that my sound works again, hopefully I can use LilyPond and notate more sheet music (I could do it now, but I like to listen to the sheet music I make just to make sure there aren't any glaring mistakes.  Well, I better be off for now.
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The HymnWiki forums have been reorganized.  The discussion forums have been thrown out due to redundancy—that's partly what the reviews forums are for, anyway.  The forum links on HymnWiki have also been updated.
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