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HymnWiki has recently been renovated. There are now new and pertinent links on the left sidebar.

Several pages are now protected so that someone can't come and mess up the help, the links on the sidebar, the disclaimers, the privacy policy and such.
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I've posted up a download for what I have of the Manchester Hymnal. It still has some bugs, and I still need to contact the person I know about the other copy (to fix the spots not legible from the version I used).
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The logo is fixed. It's looking good. Feel free to leave user comments about this, though we'll probably want to keep this one for a while, seeing as it probably took the person who did it some valuable time.
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HymnWiki has been going through a few changes, lately (understandable since we just started up on Monday). Other than the dire need for a privacy policy and such, HymnWiki is functional (well, it has been from the beginning, but file uploads have since been instituted).

I believe we will need an upload policy, as well. People are not supposed to just upload just anything - uploaded content should contribute to the site and be reasonably efficient (if possible). My thoughts on uploads have mainly been toward sheet music, sheet music related files, perhaps compressed audio, and images for articles. One should never upload copyrighted content without permission from the copyright owner, and, the article or file page should state the terms in which people may use the uploaded content.

The links on the side still need to be altered for the purposes/convenience of the site.

Things with the logo seem to be going well.
Shule by Shule @ is officially up and running. I'm still waiting to get administrative privileges, though, but it shouldn't be long.

The name HymnWiki might seem a little misleading, seeing as the site encompasses more than hymns (though all songs should be religious - or related to hymns, or hymn compilations somehow). The focus, however, is on hymns. is a site dedicated to making public domain hymns (and other hymns, with permission), or just information about other hymns, available to the public. It is a wiki - so anyone will be able to post information, about pretty much any hymn. It's a site dedicated to hymns, with special emphasis on hymns of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS church AKA Mormon), new, old and foreign language - this is a major goal of the site, to make information and sheet music for these hymns available (though submitting hymns of other faiths is also encouraged).

Due to the nature of hymns, hymnbooks, and such, this site is also designed to accommodate Children's Songs, hymn-type songs (anthems, songs promoting well-being, and so forth), and even some traditional folk songs (seeing as many hymns are based off of these).

You may submit copyrighted compilations only if you have the rights to do so. The holder of the copyright retains the rights to whatever is submitted (however, by submitting you do acknowledge that you must tell people how they may use the stuff you upload; if you neglect to do so, users may treat it as if it were public domain).

There will be compilations posted as well as individual hymns.

Anyway, the particulars of this website are still being worked out. It's new. The basic idea is a wiki for hymns. There should be a featured hymn - maybe there'll be a feed for that (probably through blogspot).

There should be another section of the site for articles and such about hymns in general, rather than specific hymns or compilations.

Anyway, it should be cool when it's all worked out.
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