Deseret Sunday School Songs, 1909

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Deseret Sunday School Songs, 1909

Please reply and give your own review.

I like this hymnal quite a bit, actually.  It contains both primary songs and hymns - as well as whatever else you might want to call the songs.  Some of them would appear rather strange to us, today (i.e. Don't Kill the Birds, for one), but there are reasons for them, I believe.

Anyway, I'm a little put out that this book, and many other early LDS songbooks, didn't have more information about the hymnists; sometimes it's difficult to tell who wrote the music and who wrote the lyrics.

I like that this hymnal is full of public domain songs - many that most people (LDS or not) have never heard before (tunes and all).  Whatever the case, it's a nice historical piece.

I like how this songbook gives the titles of the songs, rather than the simply the first lines.

As far as old LDS hymnals go, this one is pretty easy to find - I wouldn't pay more than $20 for it, if I were you (unless you have no other choice - just check Ebay).  Some used book stores hike those prices up pretty high.

Here's a link to the HymnWiki article on this book: