Deseret Sunday School Union Music Book, 1884

Posted by Shule Shule
I have long been searching for a copy of this song book (and I was prepared to pay more for it than any other hymnal on my list). However, I found a link to a scanned copy online—so that will no longer be necessary! :) I just want the content—not an old book to stow on a shelf (however nice that might be).

This, I believe, is the first official LDS song book containing music (many believe that Latter-day Saints Psalmody, 1889 was, but clearly 1884 is before 1889; I think some just don't realize this one contains music, or else they don't think the church is represented by the Sunday School Union that existed then—or maybe it's because it's a song book and not a 'hymnal' by everyone's decree). There is at least one unofficial one published earlier (1844), although it didn't have many songs and the music only had two parts (soprano and bass, it seemed).