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Posted by Shule Shule
Sorry for taking so long to post!

HymnWiki is still alive and well. I've just been preoccupied with other things for a long time.

Anyway, I'm hoping three new MediaWiki extensions will be approved and installed for HymnWiki (I don't control that, myself), but until then, I better not tell you what they are.

For now, you should know that we now have an official HymnWiki IRC chat, registered with AlphaChat.net. If the server changes, I'll let you know, but AlphaChat seems pretty nice, so far. They even let you block bad words (and this is set up on HymnWiki's chat). I plan to be on often, logged in as Shule or some such. It's me if you see an exclamation mark in front of my name. That means I'm the founder of the chat. Let me know if you want to have special powers in the chat. :)

If you see me on there, just type my name and press enter. Then, my Kindle Fire should beep to alert me. If I'm not on, just email me and we can schedule a chat.

There aren't a lot of hymn chats on the Internet—so, considering how this will show up well in the Google searches, I'm thinking we might actually get a following here, and more publicity for HymnWiki.

Here's a link to the HymnWiki chat page, which links to the web chat for those who don't want to worry about servers:
* http://www.hymnwiki.org/HymnWiki:Chat

Here's the direct link to the web chat:
* http://iris.alphachat.net/?nick=guest...&channels=hymnwiki&fg_color=000000&fg_sec_color=222222&bg_color=FFFFFF&prompt=1

Here's the IRC information if you want to use mIRC, AndChat or some IRC client like that:
Channel: #hymnwiki
Server: irc.alphachat.net (NA.alphachat.net is for North American servers)
Port: Just use the default, unless you want SSL/TLS—then use port 7777.

For more port and server information, try this link (scroll up afterward):
* http://www.irc-wiki.org/AlphaChat

Chat Rules:
* There aren't a lot, actually. Just keep it clean, and remember the primary topic is hymns and such as can be posted on HymnWiki (anthems, carols, children's songs, patriotic songs, Christmas songs, etc.) If you talk about something else, I have no intention to ban you, as long as you're not vulger, overly annoying, a nonhuman or overly persistent. You're free to advertise other clean chats, even about hymns, if you want. AlphaChat doesn't allow users under the age of 13. So, if you're too young, sorry about that! Nothing against you. Rules are rules. Chat rooms can be dangerous. So, be warned, and be responsible.

If you want to register a nickname (or a nick), choose your nick. You can change it by typing /nick yourNewNick. Then type /msg nickserv register yourPassword yourEmail. You may have to click a confirm link in your email. Then type /msg nickserv set enforce on. That will ensure that people can log on for long with your nick without their name automatically changing. Then type /msg HostServ take $account.Users.AlphaChat.net to cloak your IP address and make it so we can tell it really is you instead of someone impersonating you for a few seconds. Adding additional nicks to your profile is easier than setting up the first one. Just type /nick yourNick to choose a new one (while logged in with your registered account) and then type /msg NickServ group. It will add your current nick to your account. /msg NickServ ungroup will remove it. You can use it just like your registered one after that—they're all in the same group.

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