SSATBB arrangement of Repton

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SSATBB arrangement of Repton

Please take a look at this tune I wrote parts for (I didn't write the melody).

I know one part has a significant spread for the fingers (it's easier in E than Eb, though), but it is meant more for choral-singing than the piano anyhow.

So, critique it and let me know.  Thanks!

Here's a link to the HymnWiki article on it (this contains sheet music and midi links):

Don't bother critiquing the lyrics (I didn't write them).  I plan to add different lyrics to this in the future (though I'll keep this arrangement with these lyrics as well).  So far (according to my knowledge), this tune is only used with Dear Lord and Father of Mankind.  It might be cool to try the lyrics from the following hymn with it [EDIT: It's been added]: (There Is an Hour of Peaceful Rest)

If you can, please play the arrangement, or get a choir to sing it, since the midis don't seem to accurately depict it, entirely - I know that's a lot to ask, but if you like it anyway, it's worth a shot, and hey, I might as well ask . . . (feel free to record it and send me an MP3, at that . . .)

The arrangement is public domain (I released it to the public domain on 10 May 2007).