Update: LDS scanned hymnals; copyrights; non-LDS Swedish hymnals; etc.

Posted by Shule Shule
I figured it was about time to give everyone an update on what's been going on lately.

You may have noticed that there are scanned copies of most of the older LDS hymnals, now—probably all of the well-known ones (as well as several lesser-known ones). Thank at least Google Books and Archive.org for that, as well as whomever they get their books from. They're doing a great job. Anyway, it's really nice having them.

We've discovered that the 1927 LDS hymnal has not had its copyright renewed. That's great news for us—more public domain content that we can use. I plan to engrave lots of sheet music from it eventually. Also, it's quite possible that we may find other post-1922 LDS books of music and/or verse that have not had their copyrights renewed (ones old enough to need it, I mean).

You may have also noticed an abundance of Swedish sheet music appearing (as well as early Relief Society songs). Expect to see more Swedish stuff for a long time. Right now, I'm working mostly with non-LDS Swedish materials. I plan to do LDS ones eventually, but there are scanned copies for the ones of those I know about online already (so it's not quite as urgent). The Swedish hymnals I'm using aren't scanned online, yet. I like them because they have lots of hymns (including some pretty nice tunes) by Swedish composers, and I would think some of them have not yet been translated into English. There are a variety of unusual poetic meters, but every verse tends to follow the same meter, which is good.

Jubelklangen, 1896 seems to be quite the valuable resource. It has loads of hymns that I haven't seen available anywhere else—but guess what? I actually found and ordered a copy of Cymbalen (the 1888 edition, and not the 1885 one), by one of the same people (Johannes Alfred Hultman). This should likewise prove valuable. If I ever get a scanner I'll probably scan both of these books (I want people to be able to see exactly how things were, seeing as I edit out errors and such, and change some of the formatting, often, and it's good to be able to see for sure if I made any typos). I also got a couple other old Swedish hymnals: Herde rösten, 1892 and Hemlands Klockan, 1900.

We have a few new registered users who seem to have some interesting projects in store. That's good to know about.