Urgent: hymnals I'm willing to digitize (if someone can offer a little assistance)

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Urgent: hymnals I'm willing to digitize (if someone can offer a little assistance)

Concerning a 1912 edition of Sacred Hymns and Spiritual Songs for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints,

If anyone's willing to buy the book from a certain store, I'm willing to type it out and post it on HymnWiki in txt format for everyone to use for free (I believe it's text only), and then give the book back to you.  I think this is the last edition of the Manchester Hymnal, which was first published in 1840.  It should have loads of different songs not found in the 1840 version.  If it's not a future edition of the Manchester Hymnal, it must be a 1912 edition of Emma Smith's first hymnal (from 1835), which would also have loads more hymns.

Anyway, let me know.  There's a store selling it for $95 in black leather and also $65 in black cloth (so it appears they have two copies, and they probably won't last long).  Remember, I'm willing to give it back to you after I'm finished (though I will want your email if I spot typos after I give it back).  It doesn't matter which one you get unless one is missing pages (hopefully not, for those prices).

This would be a very nice book to have digitized (one of the newer public domain LDS hymnals, and probably one with more songs than most of the rest).

Also, if you like, I'm willing to do the same with these books that are on Ebay right now, though I think they are a little pricey (they tend to up the price because of the reputation of how valuable the first edition is):

They sell others like this from time to time, and I'm likely willing to do it with them too—but ask me first, just in case (if it's one other than these).  I'm not hard to get a hold of (just reply to this post).

Anyway, this is for the sake of making public domain materials available to the public at large.