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Welcome to the official HymnWiki forums.  The website is entirely new, and just started up several hours before I started this post.  The idea is to have a wiki for hymns.  This will be much like cpdl.org, only designed specifically for hymns, compilations of hymns (and other such, like Children's songs for churches, traditional songs used/usable for/as hymns, religious songs similar to hymns, anthems, and such.

You will be able to download sheet music, view lyrics, and view information about hymns and such.

A large objective of this website is to have posts and articles for the hymns of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, though all hymns are welcome, and quite encouraged.

The official blog for HymnWiki is at the following URL:

The site is still under construction, and may be for some time, but it should be functional in the near future.  If you know useful stuff about MediaWiki software, feel free to help me out - I would certainly appreciate it!

The official URL for HymnWiki is as follows: